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Buy Clotrimazole (Canesten®) Antifungal Cream which kills fungi that causes An-an, Buni, Alipunga, Hadhad when used as indicated.
*Available in 3g, 5g, 10g
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Try the NEW! Bifonazole (CanesPro®) which provides 24-hour symptoms relief - helps kill fungi that causes Buni, Hadhad, An-an and Alipunga.
*SRP Php220 Canespro 5g
*Price may vary per retailer

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Mercury Drug, Alturas MedPlus, Cecile's Pharmacy, Joan’s Pharmacy, Metro Gaisano Pharmacy, Negros Grace Pharmacy, Rojon Pharmacy, St. Joseph Drug, ThreeSixty Pharmacy

ASC Reference No.: B178P062322CS, B251P062322CS, B252P062322CS, B253P062322CS, B254P062322CS, B0017P072523C, B0018P072523C, B0019P072523C, B0021P072523C, B0191P072623C, B0001P072823C, B0149P080423C, B0150P080423C, B0152P080423C, B0151P080423C